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Advanced Eye Treatment


Protect your eyes with a yearly Eye Exam!

Fulton EyeCare Center are experts at caring for your eyes. We use advanced eye exam equipment and carry the latest in sunglasses and prescription eyewear.


What is included in an Eye Exam?

You’ll undergo a series of tests to determine the overall health and quality of your vision. These tests also check that your current prescription for glasses and/or contacts are still meeting your vision needs. Dr. Fulton will further assess your eyes for signs of any potential vision problems or eye diseases.


What is a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam includes both a comprehensive eye exam to check your overall eye health and general vision prescription. Dr. Fulton will then take any necessary measurements for proper lens fit and discuss your options to determine the most comfortable lens for you.



"Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Fulton and I'd like to welcome you to Fulton EyeCare Center. My caring staff and I are completely focused on your eye health and making sure you and your family get the very best in vision care services and products."

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Vision therapy, a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain, is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, and some reading and learning disabilities. Vision therapy also provides relief for those suffering from vision problems after a brain injury. Also, with Sport-Specific Vision Therapy an edge can be obtained by increasing a player’s visual skills. #VisionTherapyChangesLives

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