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mother hugging babyStrabismus is a visual disorder that affects the alignment of the eye or eyes. When strabismus is present one or both of the eyes will point in different directions. Those directions may be upward (hypertropia), downward (hypotropia), inward (esotropia) or outward (exotropia). It is very important to treat strabismus because it prevents proper use of the eyes for binocular vision and both eyes being able to gaze the same point. It may also affect peripheral vision and their ability to perceive depth.

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Signs and Symptoms of Strabismus

  • One eye may turn in any direction while the other eye is positioned normal and straight
  • Both eyes may turn the same direction (hypo, hyper, eso, exo)
  • Both eyes may turn in completely opposite directions

Strabismus is correctable with vision training – no surgery needed!